Creative Services

It's a new day. No longer are jazz artists bound by the rules of "getting signed". Today, a talented musician can make a name for himself with his own team of radio, publicity, and booking companies. But to stand out; to rise above the fray; to get noticed by fans and industry alike, it takes AMAZING graphic and internet identity, top notch production, and help finding the folks in this industry who can take an artist from local sensation to national prominence.

Step One.
Next Level Graphic Identity.

It's what they see before they hear.

Sometimes it defines IF they listen at all.

Think about it, how many times have you picked up an interesting looking CD and given it a listen at the music store?

With over 20 years experience in the entertainment, corporate, and commercial design field, we work to create original, striking visual pieces that enhance your music products.

Need to update your image, web site, or press kit? Contact Creative Soul about getting started.

Step Two.
Unquestionable Production.

We think differently when it comes to jazz. We believe it is music from your Creative Soul, but also believe that quality is absolutely the key ingredient that separates the amateur from the pro.

We're Turnaround Specialists!
Our debut smooth jazz guitarist Drew Davidsen went from a local pro, to national smooth jazz charts and the Catalina Jazz Festival. Instead of being okay with mediocrity, Drew wanted to play on the same stages with the current jazz artists. Now he's playing gigs alongside Fourplay, Nick Colionne, and even opened for George Duke! Why? He made the decision to turn things around.

Time for a Change
At Creative Soul, we specialize in radical, remarkable transformation of our artists. Certainly this starts with an amazing musical difference, but also the artist's whole graphic identity, connections into the industry, and artist development issues that go along with all of this.

Want to know more?
If you are ready to get started making a major change in your jazz career, check out our full production site at

Step Three.
Building a National Promotional Team.

Radio. Publicity. Booking. These are all things that can grow an artist's fan base and income streams greatly, but how do you find these people, and who are the right folks to work with?

Our job as a label services company is to find and coordinate just the right people to build an artist's career. People who not only are great to work with, but get the job done - right and quickly.

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