Creative Soul Jazz is Looking...

President and Producer for Creative Soul Jazz (Player A, Drew Davidsen, Ronny Smith) is now looking for high level jazz musicians for upcoming projects in the Florida area.

Recently relocated to Central Florida, Creative Soul Jazz is looking for the best of the best musicians in all areas for groups and projects.

Looking to develop and grow several different groups:

1. Contemporary Jazz Group (Yellowjackets, Fourplay, Steps Ahead, Flim and the BBs). This original band will record and push out to the contemporary jazz marketplace, and gigs throughout Florida and beyond. Looking for drums, bass (acoustic and electric preferred), guitar, sax. Will do originals and some original covers.

2. Jazz Trio/Quartet. This will cover standards plus originals. Looking for drums, acoustic bass, possibly piano or guitar.

3. Steel/Latin Band. This will be a group that plays Caribbean/African inspired music in a completely new and original way. Looking for a some combination of the following: Drums/Perc (Possibly standing percussionist who can approximate drum kit sound), Steel drummer, Latin/Flamenco guitarist, Upright/Electric Bassist, Vibes. This band could do anything from island music to Latin to covers.

Audition videos are an absolute must. We are used to working with the top session musicians in Nashville (see our group PlayerA at So our bar is very high.

As a busy music production company we have been laying low for a few years as a jazz company preparing new releases, but we are looking to emerge as a jazz powerhouse label and music company in 2017.

We hope you will join us.

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